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Vinyl planks and carpet meets seamlesslyTri-Country Steamers delivers complete services required to keep and maintain your residential and commercial vinyl floors. With years of experience, our team has the expertise to keep your floors in tip-top condition. From routine cleaning, scrubbing, stripping, buffing, and resealing. Tri-County Steamers can provide you with a personalized program to make sure that your vinyl floors are protected and clean.Vinyl floors tend to lose their shine from time to time. As their layers of sealer become grazed and scraped by dirt and foot traffic. Without proper maintenance these floors can lose their color through the improper use of wax or cleaning solutions, causing buildup. If the sealant layers are completely worn down. The actual surface of the vinyl floors can become permanently dented, affecting the life of your flooring.

Our skilled technicians use safe, excellent quality, quick-acting floor stripping solutions that are specially made for the removal offloor sealers and polishers from commercial vinyl floors. We first apply the stripper solution onto your floor and simply wait for the solution to polish or soften the seal. Then we scrub the vinyl floor to remove and strip the old layers of sealer by using a slow-moving polisher with a stripping pad. After this process, the surface is then neutralized or cleaned with a solution that contains a PH neutralizing additive and dried, prepared for the utilization of layers of high-quality sealer. After the application of numerous layers of sealer, our team will then buff the clean surface to produce a glossy finish.

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Vinyl stripping is the procedure of removing or eliminating a single layer or layers of sealer and neutralizing the entire surface. Depending on your floor's condition, the process can include the removal of only some of the top layers.And the actual application of a brand new top layer, or the resealing and removal of all layers. Before doing a complete strip and seal of commercial vinyl floors, the application of a clean, new top layer is often in the in-between step, which happens during a daily maintenance program.

Vinyl tiles are often placed in the corridors of schools, offices, and hospitals. Which can be kept glossy every day with the help of a commercial floor cleaning company. Trying to clean a vinyl floor without understanding the proper procedures and/or using the incorrect cleaning processes or chemicals can transform your floors into a dirty and dull appearing surface.

Floor maintenance is the secret to a long life for commercial vinyl flooring. Make sure to keep up with daily maintenance process such as: mopping and sweeping to protect your floor and your investment. Maintaining floors is not that hard, but it requires the right equipment, skills, knowledge, and procedures. Hiring a professional floor cleaning company like Tri-County Steamers can help prevent unpleasant results. And also make your floor coverings appearing fresh, shiny, and new. Tri-County Steamers is proud to serve entire South Florida and neighboring areas. Should you need our service, call us as soon as possible.

Vinyl Floor Waxing   

We take pride in serving South Florida and surrounding areas as an outstanding commercial carpet cleaning team or company. Tri-County Streamers is also extremely proud to say that our floor cleaning services also comprises of superb commercial vinyl tiles cleaning.

In fact, our vinyl floors cleaning procedures and services are the best. Our professionally-trained individuals completely understand how to properly clean vinyl floors as thoroughly and efficiently as we do our other cleaning services. So, if you are looking for a professional vinyl floor cleaner for your vinyl floor tiles. Tri-County Streamers is the one to call.

The first thing we do is inspect the details of your flooring to figure out its condition. The information we will acquire enables us to formulate . Once the examination is finished, our team will create a cleaning plan which is shown to our clients.

We begin the cleaning process by applying the right wax stripper. We let it soak in to begin to remove or eliminate build-up from your vinyl floors surface. Once done, we then thoroughly clean the vinyl floor through steam cleaning or buffing machines. Once we completely stripped and cleaned the floor, we will then apply a new wax. Our team utilizes multiple coats of wax, and we apply it one at a time. Next, using our high-speed machine, we buff the floor to attain a shiny, smooth look.

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Floor scrubbing and waxing can be done each month to remove light to severe scratches. Our team suggests to our clients that this is now the right time to ask for our help. Or service to keep your floor fresh and maintained from time to time.

Along with waxing, stripping should done after every 6 months. Let Tri-County Streamers make your commercial vinyl floors shining, welcoming, and glowing. And also let us help you attain your desire to have a neat, clean glowing and shining floors. Call us today to set a schedule for the service you desire in South Florida and other surrounding areas.


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