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If you have pet odor removal & lingering in your home then it is time to seek out the help of Tri-County Steamers to get rid of that stench once and for all. The problem with pet odor is that the ammonia smell of urine is extremely hard to get out of hardwood and carpeting, but for professionals like Tri-County Steamers it is a simple task. We can come in and have your home smelling fresh and new in no time regardless of how long the stench has been entrapped in the carpets.

Not only does pet odor smell, but chances are if it is strong enough to smell that it is also not hygienic either. Pet odor is generally caused by animal sac, urine, or feces and none of these things are materials that you want in your home. If you have young children or someone in your home with respiratory problems pet odor can be even more dangerous, but Tri-County Steamers can clean up the smell and underlying causes quickly and at a reasonable price allowing you to keep your pets and live in an odor free home. Pet Stain Removal

There is no reason to replace your carpets or purchase another high priced over the counter product that does not work. Instead, allow us to come into your home and clean up the problem once and for all. As a bonus, when Tri-County Steamers is done with your carpeting it will likely look fresher and newer than it has in a long time. Therefore, you get a fresh smelling home and carpet that looks like new all for the same low price. Give us a call and find out how great it is to live in an odor free home. Pet Odor Removal 

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Steamers carpet has the ability to removal pet stains with our powerful machines. If you try to do it yourself pet stain removal, you might actually set the stain permanently so call us immediately



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If you have experienced a flood in your house from a leaky pipe or leaky dishwasher, call Tri County Steamer's FLOOD FLOOD FLOOD department! The faster we remove the water from the carpet, the less likely you are to deal with mold!

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