Restroom Hygiene Service

Restroom Hygiene Service

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Restroom Hygiene Service

Tri-County Steamer's company restroom hygiene service ensures that your restrooms are protected against common diseases and viruses.


Commercial Bathroom Cleaning

  • We offer weekly sanitation services. 
  • We provide the best innovative equipment, tools, and products.
  • Our company services a wide range of communities in all cities of Florida.
  • Our certified health and safety technician will come to your property to sanitize and coat your restroom with Sani Shield.


Sani Shield Protection

Thus, this Sani-Shield product is to protect all kinds of surfaces in the restroom. Like glass, porcelain, ceramics, laminates, plastics, marble, and other surfaces. To cover against the adhesion and buildup of soap scum, stains, rust, limescale, and water minerals. In this way, the cleaning will be easier.


Importance of Sanitation

Hence, our sanitation services include free urinal screens, soap, and air freshener scent. Though your fixtures have a clean appearance, they are still catching harmful bacteria and germs. Each time the toilet is flushed it ejects millions of water particles that contain bacteria and viruses into the atmosphere. Up to 20 feet these water particles can reach that distance. Any time of the day, billions of pathogens are living on top and inside your restroom fixtures. The surface like porcelain in your restroom, like sponges, contain microscopic pores that stop the dangerous pathogens.


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Our company is confident that with all the products that we use in every service we provide an effective and environmentally friendly. Also, our company has highly skilled workers that capable of cleaning the surface of the company’s restroom with innovative equipment and tools. We are proud to serve all the community in all cities of Florida, areas like Palm Bay, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and other major cities. We take pride in covering all commercial surface cleaning solution. Hence, for your restroom surface cleaning service, we are your perfect partner you can count on. Our customer care service staff is ready to set your appointment with our professional technicians.


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