Hand Hygiene Program

Hand Hygiene Program

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Hand Hygiene ProgramThere is validity that proper hand hygiene lessens the spread of disease. Hands are the most common source of spreading these pathogens where infections are a growing concern. We at Tri-County Steamers has several different options to help eradicate bacteria and viruses. However, should you just buy soap or hand sanitizer in a retailer? Our company will provide your company with hygiene products as well as the equipment you need. Our workers will be there every week to refill and fix any broken dispensers. We help you to save from any hassle in buying replacements or new dispensers. In this way, you will save more valuable space that will otherwise be used for inventory. Tri-County Steamers not only give a product but we also provide you a service as well.

The advantage of getting our hand hygiene service

  • Effective and hygienic hope.
  • Safe dispenser
  • Affordable soap and soap dispenser.
  • Weekly refill of soap.
  • Ready to repair any broken dispenser.

Best Hand Hygiene Program

A study proves that on average we carry up 3,200 bacteria from 150 different species on our hands at any one time. Most of us do not know how to properly wash our hands. That is why Tri-County Steamers provide the best hygiene soup and dispenser that will help your employees safe. With a wide range of products and services that we offer our main purpose is to have a healthy community and people. We also take pride in all the service centers we operate in the whole state of Florida. 

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