Drain Treatment & Fly Control Service

Drain Treatment & Fly Control Service

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New Drain TreatmentWe all know that bugs and flies are gross, unfortunately, they are hard to avoid when the food and stale water is around. Hence, we at Tri-County Steamers can help rid you of these awful pests. We have drain solutions and designed to address odors, grease, and flies. The drain solution that we use has a blocking technology that repels flies from inhabiting the pipes. Hence, the bio block technology releases enzymes that eat away at the build-up within the drain. This solution removes the warm, moist environment which flies breed. The organic fly treatment works to make sure your company is free of fruit and drain flies. Solution for drain treatment works to keep your drains grease and clog-free, also eliminating odors. Our workers will check and maintain your drains weekly. 

The benefits with our drain treatment

  • Stops the breeding of flies and bugs
  • Safe from all kinds of bacteria develops in stagnant water.
  • Help the water properly flow down to the drainage without blocking.
  • The place will be more hygienic and safe.

fly away drain treatment

This product is useful for use in restaurants, school kitchen, and other public places where flies and stagnant water is inevitable. Most of our customer who owned a restaurant they prefer to use this drain solution to have proper hygiene in their kitchen. Also, our customers use this drain solution for their restroom for their employees and guests to be safe from germs and bacteria brought by flies and bugs. 

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Our workers have a weekly schedule to check-up to all of our customer’s drain so that it will keep safe from and breeding of flies. We make sure that all of our customer’s facility is clean and safe. For you to have a hygienic place to stay we make sure that your drain is always clean. Tri-County Steamers is here to help you make your facility free from any germs. And bacteria that may threaten the health of your employees and other people. Thus, for more about our product, you can call us and we will inform you about the drain solution.



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