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Why TRI COUNTY STEAMERS is Best Carpet Cleaner in South Florida We understand how difficult it is to remove stains, especially tough ones, on a carpet. Yes, it’s hard – that’s a fact. But don’t you worry about that! The reason we, Tri County Steamers, exists is to ensure that your carpets in your home are clean and completely away from dirt and dust. And to make that possible, we are packed with the special
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Helpful Grout Cleaning Guide for Dummies Unlike tiles, which resists stains and dirt, grout absorbs spills and dirt. To simply put, grout stains easily. The good news is: Grout cleaning is easy! Yes, that’s right. Furthermore, things such as spills, mildew, and molds are the main causes of a dirty grout.   Well, these things are unavoidable. But don’t you worry, proper cleaning and maintenance of your grout will allow you to prevent and eliminate
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 Juice Spills on Carpet Removal Tips Have you spilled a juice on your carpet before? If yes, then you should understand how hard it is to remove a juice spills on carpet. But the good news is you can remove the stain by yourself without the help of us professionals, as long as your treat it immediately! For that to happen, you might want to follow the instructions given below. Fresh Juice Spill Do your
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Why is Tri County Steamers the Best Carpet Cleaner Tri-County steamer is an all-in Steam cleaning company situated in South Florida. For years in service, we offer lots of steam cleaning services such as high-quality commercial and residential carpet cleaning, pet odor removal, upholstery cleaning and tile and grout cleaning. With Tri-country steamers’ skilled and detail-oriented team, we have no hesitancy that you found the best when you choose to hire us. We don’t claim