Anti Slip Coating

Don’t Let it Slip Away

Have you ever experienced walking on an establishment and you accidentally slip even without a banana peel on your way? It’s embarrassing right? But what’s worse is the slippery floor. Sure, establishments only want to make their offices look good as much as possible and the shiny floor is definitely an asset. However, it’s not really that safe right? Would you simply settle as it is and just relent to walking slowly or carefully as you can? You might just end up looking like a toddler who’s learning for the first time to stand and walk.

Yes it can be fascinating when it seems you can use the floor as mirror but when you’re running late is a different story. You can’t literally run because you’re scared of bumping your head or rolling over across the hall.  So if you want to stop moving like a ninja in the most careful and soundless walk you could ever do, let us share you a secret! After all, shining and shimmery shouldn’t be just the only descriptions you would want for your floor – it should be “Slip-free” as well!

It is quite a hassle when you have concerns with the floor because it is the solid ground that we most use to be able to reach our destination and do what you need to do for the day. Just imagine going to your boss’ office at the 4th floor and you’re wearing your best shoes, which by the way is a high-heeled stunning stilettos. It will be a huge challenge strutting on those killer shoes. Even in our own home, the worries are endless because there is a potential accidents for your kids or the elderly adults who might slip because of the slippery floors.

Thankfully, residential and commercial facilities can now try the Anti Slip floor coating or the Non Slip Coating! These special coatings are suitable for various ranges of floor surfaces and substrates. It can make sure an anti-slip workplace flooring in your place. It meets the necessary health and safety requirements.The Anti-slip coating can use in floors, walkways, mezzanines, stairs, and ramps.

If you need a non-skid floors for your showers, kitchen, living rooms, pool area, restaurants, showrooms, and a slippery surface, our company can handle that. We use VTech non slip coating to create an anti-skid floor treatment. This is a one compound product so it’s easy to apply and the maintenance is even easier. For your anti slip floor and surfaces needs, let us help you!

VTech Non Slip Coating

In most residential and commercial places, floors are important because it contributes to the overall look of the establishment. Yet, owners must ensure that safety and productivity will not just slip away!

You can totally improve your work stations and homes through the help of anti-slip coatings. These products specialize in maintaining the look of your floor but decrease the slippery effect. Non-slip coatings will securely reduce any possible injuries as well. So you can walk carefree and even run without any apprehension for potential humiliating slipping situations!

Our company have tried and tested the most excellent and safe non slip coating that we know will surely be the solution to slippery floors. With our dedication to deliver the best, we have created the #1 Anti Slip Coating Solution that’s reliable effective and perfectly-safe!

VTech non slip coating is an anti-slip or non-skid coating manufactured in Sweden. We are accredited to distribute the product throughout the entire America. The VTech non slip coating is a one compound product, guaranteed that it is safe to use indoor or outdoor. It’s recommended for any slippery surfaces in any part of the house, offices, restaurants, showrooms and more. This product is widely used in Europe for the past decade with a very good proven track record. We ensure that our product is high-quality and so we get them straight from the manufacturer.

How Does VTech Works?

VTech non slip coating is very easy to use. Maintaining and cleaning is also hassle free. You can apply VTech to the slippery floors and anywhere it needed. What’s also unique about this product is that it doesn’t only create an extra layer to create an anti slip effect; the product actually penetrates the stone or surface to achieve the full anti slip result.It doesn’t fade or change color because its UV protected. VTech also ensures that the original color of the surface will stay the same. The non slip result last for years.

Our company is the only trusted partner here in the US to offer VTech non slip coating. We have solved numerous slippery floor problems and so far our customers come back to us or recommend us to their friends and colleagues. We carefully and meticulously choose the product because of the safe content as we would like to ensure the protection and safety of our staff and the customers. Also, we have proven that it is effective.

If you have any slippery floor problem, take action now. Our company offers an affordable non slip coating with a great value. Don’t wait for something bad happens when you can prevent accidents and injuries when you can prevent now. VTech also protects your floors from scratches, future damages, or prevent damages to your furniture due to friction.

Call us or speak to us to resolve your floor issues or prevent further problems. All your troubles will 100% solve! Anyone would love to go back and forth in your place because of the non slip, clean and shiny floors . You don’t need two or more products to complete or achieve the anti slip result. VTech is the only one you need! Simply apply it on the floor and presto – you got the floor you’ve always wanted! Run as much as you want without the worry of sliding. That’s the real power of VTech versus other anti slip products that only gives you empty promises.

The only Non Slip Coating you can trust – VTech! Say goodbye to any aggravating slip scenes!