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Cleaning Solution for Your Tile and Grout Flooring

Cleaning Solution for Your TileWe live in a wonderful world!  Life in Fort Lauderdale is one of the most amazing marvels of them all. We have everything; sun, sand, and ocean breezes. The luxury of running around barefoot most of the year is second to none. Not a care in the world here, except for maybe the dirt. Yes, the dirt, the dirt, the never-ending dirt. No matter how well you wash or wipe off your feet, dust seems to seep in and stick around.  Unfortunately, most of the time, that dirt ends up ground into your tile and grout. Notoriously troublesome to clean and keep clean, tile and grout cleaning is not for the faint of heart. No matter how much mopping, scrubbing, and home cleaning solutions you apply nothing ever appears to penetrate the buildup found on your tile and grout. Here are a few cleaning suggestions to consider if you are hoping to preserve the durability of your home’s tile and grout flooring:

Home or DIY Solutions:

Home-based cleaning solutions made with baking soda dish soap and hydrogen peroxide have been rumored to cut through the grime. They may be able to get some of the dirt out of all of those creases and crevices lurking in your grout and tile. If you are going at it alone, however, be prepared to spend some time on your hands and knees with a small brush and a big cup of patience. Scrubbing tile and grout by hands takes TIME. It is a substantial and often onerous task so you may want to enlist the help of family or friends in an effort to expedite the process.  

Don't blame yourself. Over time dirt settles into the pores of your tile and grout, nestling in tight and making it close to impossible to clean with surface methods alone.

If left unchecked, over time, this dirt will erode and break down the grout detrimentally, decreasing the lifespan of your beautifully tiled floor. You have invested a lot of money into your tile flooring with the expectation that it is going to be around for a protracted length of time, so take the time and get your grout and tile clean!

Hire a Professional Tile Cleaning and Grout Cleaning Company:


Tile and grout cleaning professionals in Fort Lauderdale adopt a more sophisticated strategy.  Using heat, specialized cleaning solutions, vacuum powers, and a high-pressure rinse, tile and grout cleaning professionals can remove dirt, mildew, bacteria, and even those inconceivable stains that are virtually impossible with DIY cleaning methods. You have the option to take the procedure one step further and allow the professionals to seal your flooring when they have finished tile and grout cleaning. Sealing protects your tile and grout and seals in the clean finish. The professional tile and grout cleaners at Tri-County Steamers have the ability to restore your flooring to its original splendor, resulting in a shiny, bright and beautiful ‘new’ floor. 

Maybe you don't see it or have never stopped to notice, but if your tile and grout are looking a little dull, chances are mildew or a bacterial film is hanging around. High-traffic areas tend to be the most challenging for tile cleaning and grout cleaning processes to be truly effective. Traveling in and out repeatedly tends to track in more dirt, dust, and grime than most of us care to admit. Whether you decide to go at it alone or hire professionals for your tile and grout cleaning needs, I would encourage you to consider these alternatives before you are faced with the possibility of needing to replace your existing tile and grout completely.

Maintaining The Life of Your Tile Cleaning and Grout Cleaning Action

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Tile Cleaning and Grout Cleaning Solutions in Fort Lauderdale? Call TriCounty Steamers!

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