Ultimate Carpet Cleaning Tips from the #1 Fort Lauderdale Carpet Cleaning Experts!

Ultimate Carpet Cleaning Tips

Undeniably, carpets make an incomparable impression for your house. With its’ distinct design, texture and even the overall shape of it can uniquely make your house beautiful. Many people sought the assistance of interior designs in order to strategically enhance and artistically create a specific aesthetic beauty for their homes. However, more often than not, people tend to be careless when it comes to maintaining that said beauty. Whether it is about having the pristine look or a modern style for your home, securing the cleanliness of your entire haven is a top priority; and that includes your carpet too!

However, the number 1 reason and somewhat excuse we can often hear is having no enough time to clean and perform proper maintenance. Are you one of them? Some people may simply rely on house cleaning professionals but the truth is, not all carpet cleaners are REAL professionals who sincerely care for your home and your beloved carpets. That is why, let us share these handy tips and effective ways to personally give your love and exercise a proper carpet cleaning care just as how Fort Lauderdale Carpet Cleaning experts do it!

Carpet Cleaning Tip #1:

Analyze the condition of your carpet by devising a thorough carpet cleaning plan. How? We know how carpets can be quite expensive and simply throwing out your old carpet could be disheartening especially if you have invested a lot of money on it. That is why, start off by vacuuming in the right height and speed in order to further assess the severity of your carpet cleaning project. Making a cleaning schedule will definitely be an advantage for you as it will help you perform a regular carpet cleaning program.

Carpet Cleaning Tip #2:

Pre-treat stains particularly the high-traffic areas. The most common carpet issues most people complain is about getting rid of stains. Prime culprits of such blot stains are accidental spilling of juice cause by kids (though adults can be a main suspect too) and of course pet stains. It is indeed troublesome when there is a pesky and unpleasant stain. So how to handle such carpet cleaning issue?

The key is blotting! Do not be too hasty in cleaning off the stain by rubbing the stain hard. Why? It is because the spot might lead to premature breakdown of the carpet’s fiber thus making the condition worse. So instead of rubbing, blot the stain starting from the outward towards the inward area of the stain. Of course, you have to ask for assistance of your reliable carpet cleaning professionals so as they can also provide you the right cleaning solutions particularly the products best for removing carpet stains!

Carpet Cleaning Tip #3:

Aside from stains, another pesky carpet problem is freeze-dried gums and candy crushed on your most prized carpets. A lot of accidents can happen in a day and that includes stepping on a chewing gum that your kids might have left on your carpet. Or perhaps a cleaning off a crushed candy. Both can be a pain since the first one is quite sticky while the other can potential leave tiny candy bits. And residue you wouldn’t want to have at your carpet’s fiber. So how do you get out from this sticky and unpleasant mess?

For gums, freeze them using ice cubes for about 30 seconds at most. Once you’ve frozen them enough, simply use a spoon to scoop and lift up the glob of gum. In case there are some a few carpet fiber strands still clinging, you can simply cut it with scissor but make sure to cut small amount as possible to ensure that it won’t be noticeable. Meanwhile for the crushed candy, you can simply scrape it with a spotter brush and then rely on your trusty vacuum to get the tiny bits.

Carpet Cleaning Tip #4:

Is hand-washing a good option for cleaning your carpets? When the carpet is too soiled, hand-washing would be a good way to clean it aside from backing it up for vacuum cleaning. Though you have to vacuum the carpet twice first before proceeding to washing it by hand, and then you can trust your professional carpet cleaner to thoroughly scrub and clean it free from all potential residues. It is also important to ensure that when moving your furniture, don’t carelessly push and pull things because they might damage the texture of your carpet. Also, keep in mind, that it is advisable to place a good-quality carpet pad under your actual carpeting to ensure it’s condition.

Carpet Cleaning Tip #5:

Of course, the most important tip of all is to find the right carpet cleaner Let us, Tri County Steamers, show you why we are hailed as the #1 Fort Lauderdale Carpet Cleaning Service! Check our Service page to see what we can do for you. Contact us today and enjoy a free quote as well!

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