5 Must-Do for your Carpet Upkeep Checklist

Importance of Professional Carpet Cleaning

How confident are you with your cleaning powers? Regardless of the level, may it be a 5-star rate that’s comparable to expert cleaners, cleaning is undeniably not easy! You are not actually the only one because there are others who also experience the same trouble.

Whether it is for residential or commercial building, one of the important things you can do is to have a daily and thorough carpet cleaning. Besides, it is quite an expensive endeavour to keep on buying new ones or even replacing the flooring.

That is why it is imperative to know the proper care that will maintain and extend the life of your precious carpet for many years possible. Check out this list we have compiled to be of help and guide you through to save not just your time but also money.

What to do for Proper Carpet Care?

Professional care is a big help you can trust and rely on during your busy days but also in such emergency situations. However, with the number of tips and carpet cleaning DIY it can be confusing to determine the right thing to do. Why? There are some cases where a few of the tips can do more harm so one must be wary and keep a heads up on the common carpet cleaning myths that can cause upsetting harm to your carpet. Don’t be a victim to such false cleaning advice. Be wise and get to know the things to avoid and how it should properly be done – as how the experts do it!

Don’t use the vacuum at all!

Vacuum your carpet at least once in a month. If you are thinking that it is a good idea to the point of considering the less you vacuum the better, then you are quite mistaken. It is one of the important things you must do regularly if you wish to have your carpet clean. Did you know that at least 80 per cent of hidden dirt and toxins are removed if you thoroughly vacuum your carpet? So make sure to vacuum your carpet at least once in a week, especially high-traffic areas.

Dish soap, hairspray and vinegar are great carpet cleaning solutions.

When it comes to finding the perfect solutions for your carpet, you can use dish soap, hairspray and even vinegar. These solutions are NOT actually great carpet cleaning solutions. Dish soap is used for removing grime and food stains but when applied on your carpet, you’ll find the stain much worse than what it initially looks like.

There is a reason why hairspray is used only for hair because it is not designed to use to clean your carpet. Same goes for vinegar which some people thought to be an effective and even recommended solution. The truth is, even if you mixed it with baking soda it doesn’t totally clean and remove stains. Be careful not to use these because they can cause permanent damage and of course, you wouldn’t surely want that do you?

Walking barefoot doesn’t harm your carpet.

It so happens that walking barefoot is also not good for your carpet. Why? Due to the residue of natural oils in our skin can potentially harm your carpet. So it is advisable to wear socks or have specialized indoor slippers.

Water is all you need.

Rinsing and cleaning your carpet with just water is not enough. It may appear harmless but sometimes using water to clean your carpet may also cause harm. For example, cleaning a stain of ink, there’s a possibility of making a permanent stain because water has a potential of producing acidic stain to spread all across your beautiful carpet. So instead of regular water, try using Seltzer water or Carbonated water.

I can do it on my own.

There is nothing wrong in believing in your own strength. As long as you desired it, you can actually do it. However, professional cleaning is way different to DIY cleaning methods. With Tri County Streamers, the #1 Carpet Cleaning Service of South Florida, you can guarantee a certified and exceptionally customer-centred carpet cleaning solutions. With our innovation and specialized packages, you can be assured of strategically designed results whatever cleaning problem you might have.
If you keep yourself aligned with the mentioned factors. And let Tri County Streamers handle your carpet cleaning worries, you can experience life more! Contact us today to know more of what we can do for you.

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