Helpful Grout Cleaning Guide for Dummies

Helpful Grout Cleaning Guide for Dummies

Grout cleaning

Unlike tiles, which resists stains and dirt, grout absorbs spills and dirt. To simply put, grout stains easily. The good news is: Grout cleaning is easy! Yes, that’s right. Furthermore, things such as spills, mildew, and molds are the main causes of a dirty grout.

Well, these things are unavoidable. But don’t you worry, proper cleaning and maintenance of your grout will allow you to prevent and eliminate these dirt-creators. And today, we are going to give you some useful tips for us to help you make a dirty grout clean. So let’s not wait any longer and proceed below for the actual tips, shall we?

Step 1: Using hot water, use it to wipe the grout. This will let you remove the surface grime and dirt.

Step 2: Proceed and spray a water and vinegar solution on the grout. You can create this solution by simply mixing an equal of amount of water and vinegar. Once done, put the solution into a spray bottle.

Step 3: Now, after spraying the mixed solution, let it sit for at least five minutes then go ahead and scrub it with a soft brush. Note: You can either use a toothbrush or smaller brush for the scrubbing process. And try to avoid a metal brush as it can damage and scratch the tiles - stick to softer brush instead.

Step 4: Use a hot water and rinse it thoroughly. You want to make sure that you put the hot water in all the areas of the grout.


Baking Soda and Water

If the water and vinegar solution is not effective, try the baking soda and water next. Here’s how you can clean any grout using a water and a baking soda. Moreover, this works best for tough stains.


Step 1: Create a mix of one (1) part water and two (2) parts baking soda.

Step 2: All you have to do next is to apply it on the grout, and just let it sit there overnight.

Step 3: Proceed and scrub the grout using a nylon brush.

Step 4: Finally, rinse the grout thoroughly with a hot water.


Sandpaper Method

Aside from liquid solutions, sandpaper can also help remove the stains from your grout. Read below for the steps.

Step 1: Fold a sandpaper, and using the creased edge, work back and forth along the line of the grout.

Step 2: Once done, thoroughly rinse the grout with hot water.


Well, that’s about it! One thing is true: The secret to neat-looking tile floors is certainly a clean grout. And through the help of our grout cleaning tips given above, removing dirt and stains will be much easier!


Moreover, it’s important for everyone to understand how to properly clean and maintain their grout. But why? This helps you prolong the life of your tile and also keep its look as well. And obviously, a dirty grout isn’t what you and your guests want to see. Also, it’s never too late for grout cleaning, do it as soon as possible - the earlier, the better!

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